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A diamond is the hardest material on earth.


To clean a diamond yourself, gently brush it with a soft tooth brush or cloth and a jewelry cleaning solution (available at most jewelry stores). This will remove the buildup that may occur over time.

Every six months to a year, you should also have her ring cleaned by a jeweler. This will take care of any buildup you are unable to clean yourself. The jeweler can also check to make sure the prongs have not been bent or weakened and can ensure that the ring is kept in excellent condition.

Storinginside store

Because diamonds are so hard, they can easily scratch or chip other jewelry - even other diamonds. This is why your diamond should never be stored in the same box or bag as another piece of jewelry. Instead, place the ring in its own soft cloth pouch, and always store it in a safe place where you will remember it.


Avoid wearing the diamond when working out, gardening, home maintenance, or other heavy work. Sharp blows to the ring may bend the prongs or even chip the diamond itself. If rings are worn on both hands, be careful not to let the rings touch when clapping or rubbing your hands together.



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