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Diamond Cut

Cut id often considered the most important of the four C’s.

This is because the cut of a diamond determines its brilliance (the amount of light reflected).

When rough diamonds are mined, they emerge in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Highly skilled diamond cutters then cut and polish these stones to remove flaws and inclusions (tiny particles) – ideally taking out as many as possible while still preserving as much of the diamond retaining its brillance.

too shallow

Too Shallow

If a diamond's cut is too shallow, the light that enters the diamond will leak out of the bottom.

too deep edeal cut

Too Deep

If a diamond's cut is too deep, the light will reflect out of the side.

Ideal Cut

An "ideal" cut will reflect the maximum amount of light through the top of the diamond - created a radiant sparkle that
travels straight back to the viewer's eye.

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